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Best Motor invests heavily into research and development of its products, aiming to provide a steady product improvement through the application of the latest technologies, in order to provide our customers with an advantageous position on the market, in terms of overall costs, efficiency, performance and reliability. The Research and Development department is the real heart and soul of Best Motor , the pride of a company which has made of innovation its trademark.

Thanks to a competent staff, advanced software tools and latest generation test benches, Best Motor offers the following services:

  • Feasibility analysis of new projects, optimizing the electric motor with FEM and analytical electromagnetic analysis, thermal analysis, creation of efficiency maps and FEM mechanical analysis.
  • Quick development and production of prototypes, thanks to CAD/CAM systems for the production of mechanical parts.
  • Testing on test benches, including: functional tests, thermal tests, mechanical vibration tests and IP protection verification.